‘Tending the Sheep’ by Dutch Painter Cornelis Bouter

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A pleasant painting of a farmer with his herd of sheep by Dutch painter Cornelis Bouter, signed lower right with one of his pseudonyms, ‘C. Verschuur’. Bouter was born in Gouda in 1888, where he worked until 1928. He eventually moved to The Hague, to be closer to galleries that carried his works. He often signed his paintings with one of his working names, such as C. Hendriks, C. Willems or C. Verschuur. Ref. RKD, The Lexicon of Dutch artist p. 148. Framed in a period ornate frame, sized at 24 1/2 inches by 28 1/2 inches. Canvas image is 15 1/4 by 19 1/4.