Sunlight Breaking through the Clouds by Carl Blum

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A stunning painting of sunlight breaking through the clouds over rich, green fields. Dark shadows are cast by the trees dotting the landscape, with low mountains rising up in the distance. This painting bears a great resemblance to the Californian Impressionist painters of the 1920s. Painted by German painter Carl Blum (1888 – 1953), a graduate of the Karlsruhe Art Academy. After being wounded during his service in World War I, Blum continued with his career as an artist and exhibited regularly. In 1940 he established himself in the town of Balingen, where he died in 1953. Framed in a vintage silvered frame, outside dimensions are 37 1/2 inches tall by 43 3/4 inches wide. The image is 27 1/2 inches by 33 5/8 inches.