Painting of “A Strolling Man” by Leon Delderenne

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A masterful painting of a lone figure strolling along an old country road painted by Belgian artist Leon Delderenne dated 1896. Beside the road, there is an old berm with thick robust bushes and wild stocky trees. The artist’s dark green of the overgrowth is in tune with the wild pillow clouds.

Delderenne began his career as a painter in 1879, after having graduated from the Academy in Antwerp. One can clearly see the influence of the Barbizon School in his paintings, a style which would have been very prominent during his school years. A landscape painter through and through, Delderenne chose not to limit his canvases to a certain region. Instead, he commissioned a camping trailer so he could wander as he pleased, always looking for the perfect setting. He died in 1921. Ref. Piron, pt 1, pg 360; RKD

Wonderfully framed in a gold and dark burl frame. Signed and dated lower right. Measures: Canvas image is 16 7/8 inches wide by 25 5/8 inches tall. Framed dimensions are 23 1/8 tall by 31 7/8 wide.