A Family of Ducks by Dutch Painter Constant Artz

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Constant Artz was born in Paris in 1870, the son of David Adolph Constant Artz. Constant Artz lived and worked in Holland. He was a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague Academy and in 1899, became a pupil of T. Offermans. He died in 1951. Like his father, Constant Artz followed his love of nature and painted in a realistic style. He was particularly talented in depicting Dutch pastoral scenes with ducks and ducklings. This bright and airy depiction of a family of ducks shows the birds basking in sunlight beneath a footbridge over a Dutch canal. This unusually large example of Artz’s work is mounted in a period frame. Canvas size is 19 1/2 by 23 1/4 inches.