Dutch Painting of Amstelveen Polder in October by Frits Hubeek

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Mirror-like water reflects the hazy early morning sky while water reeds bend slightly to an unseen breeze. The last of summer’s white wildflowers dot the mossy landscape, while off in the distance one can see a small sleepy Dutch village. This wonderful work of art was painted by listed artist Abraham Frederik (Frits) Hubeek (1884-1952). Hubeek was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 1884 where he received his art education under the guidance of Georg Rueter and Jan Visser. He later became a member of the art association De Onafhankelijke (The Independents) and Sint Lucas. Reference: Scheen 1969-1970 , vol. 1, p. 522 (as: Hubeek, Abraham Frederik (‘Frits’);*). Painted oil on canvas, signed lower right and framed in a period gilt frame. Measurements: 18 inches tall by 23 inches wide (framed), 13 inches tall by 18 inches wide (image).