‘Chapel Near Bichlbach, Austria’ by Munich School Artist Hans Maurus

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A stunning scene of the Alps by German painter Hans Maurus. The small village of Bichlbach can be seen down in the valley. Maurus was born in 1901 and along with his friend and mentor E.H. Compton was considered one of the last four ‘aces’ to come from the Munich School of Art. His talent for art developed early, long before his studies at the Art Academy. He died during the war in 1942. Ref.” Volmer, d.3, p 354; Allgemeines Künstlerlexikon – Internationale Künstlerdatenbank – Online Signed lower left with ‘München’, framed in a magnificent period frame, dimensions are 32 1/2 inches tall by 36 1/4 inches wide. Canvas image is 23 inches by 26 3/4 inches.