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Lunch Break

Peter Pulm German, 1882-1960 oil on canvas, 23 inches by 30 3/4 inches Price Class: A

Sunlight Breaking through the Clouds by Carl Blum

A stunning painting of sunlight breaking through the clouds over rich, green fields. Dark shadows are cast by the trees dotting the landscape, with low mountains rising up in the...

The Forest Path

Heinrich Böhmer German, 1852-1930 oil on canvas, 23 1/4 inches by 31 inches Price Class: B  

Towards The Peak

Karl Henneman German, 1884 – 1972 oil on canvas, 39 inches by 31 inches Price Class: A

Wild Stallions

Ruscha Keramik Germany, circa 1950 Ceramic, 18 1/4 inches tall by 14 inches wide Price Class: A


Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik Circa 1930 Glass, 9 1/2 inches tall Price Class: A


Fritz Neuhaus German 1852-1922 Bronze, 14 1/4 inches tall Price Class: B