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California Sky

Piet Rackwitsz Dutch, 1892 – 1968 oil on canvas, 7 1/2 inches by 11 inches Price Class: A

California Wildflowers

Piet Rackwitsz Dutch, 1892 – 1968 oil on canvas, 22 inches by 32 inches Price Class: B

Dutch Drawbridge by Johannes van de Wetering de Rooij

A flat-bottomed barge sits near the drawbridge of a small village somewhere in The Netherlands. Billowy clouds float overhead against a bright blue sky while Dutch villagers go about their...

Dutch Painting of Amstelveen Polder in October by Frits Hubeek

Mirror-like water reflects the hazy early morning sky while water reeds bend slightly to an unseen breeze. The last of summer’s white wildflowers dot the mossy landscape, while off in...

Lunch Break

Peter Pulm German, 1882-1960 oil on canvas, 23 inches by 30 3/4 inches Price Class: A

Painting of “A Strolling Man” by Leon Delderenne

A masterful painting of a lone figure strolling along an old country road painted by Belgian artist Leon Delderenne dated 1896. Beside the road, there is an old berm with...

Sunlight Breaking through the Clouds by Carl Blum

A stunning painting of sunlight breaking through the clouds over rich, green fields. Dark shadows are cast by the trees dotting the landscape, with low mountains rising up in the...

The Forest Path

Heinrich Böhmer German, 1852-1930 oil on canvas, 23 1/4 inches by 31 inches Price Class: B  

Towards The Peak

Karl Henneman German, 1884 – 1972 oil on canvas, 39 inches by 31 inches Price Class: A